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Need a Larger Water Tank? 4 Reasons You Should Go Vertical

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When you buy a water tank, you have to consider everything from size, to material, to colour – there's a lot to think about. One of the most vital considerations is whether to opt for a vertical tank or a horizontal tank. Their design differences work around very different requirements. For example, those requiring a larger water tank should almost certainly pick a vertical one, and here are just four good reasons why.

1. Vertical Water Tanks Handle Stress Better

The structure of a vertical storage tank ensures even pressure distribution, since the angular stress points found on horizontal tanks are eliminated. As such, a vertical water tank is going to be far stronger than a horizontal one. The difference in strength and durability won't be too important if you only need a small tank – if you need a tank that can handle lots of water for years to come, you should probably go vertical.

2. Vertical Water Tanks Require Less Support

The larger the water tank you go for, the more seriously you'll need to consider proper support. After all, larger means heavier, and a bigger tank will do more damage if supports should ever fail. This is why larger tanks tend to be vertical. The base of the cylinder can be placed right on a flat, solid surface, ensuring optimal stress distribution and reducing the load carried by further supports. A horizontal water tank will require more supports, and those supports will be under added pressure.

3. Vertical Water Tanks Offer Easier Pumping

As you might well have guessed, a vertical tank will be taller than a horizontal one. This means that pressure is greater when you need to extract water from the bottom. Again, the difference isn't too noticeable when you only need a small tank, but you could find yourself dramatically reducing the cost and effort involved in pumping when you have a larger tank – you'll be able to let gravity do most of the work.

4. Vertical Water Tanks Take Up a Smaller Footprint

It should go without saying that a larger water tank is going to take up more space. On some properties, space isn't an issue, but not everyone is that lucky. If you don't have a huge amount of space to work with, make sure you pick a vertical storage tank. They extend upwards instead of outwards, so their footprints are appreciably smaller.