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5 Tips for Getting the Best from Your Lawn Sprinklers

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Sprinkler systems make it easier to water your lawn in an efficient way. However, greater efficiency can be achieved when homeowners implement certain measures. This article discusses some of those tips and tricks that can enable you to get better performance from your lawn sprinklers.

Use Timers

It can be hard to remember to turn on the lawn sprinklers manually whenever the lawn needs to be watered. Avoid worrying about turning on the sprinkler by installing a timer to operate the sprinkler automatically. Affordable timers can be obtained from landscaping or gardening stores.

Buy Moisture Meters

How often should you water your lawn? It depends on the moisture needs of that lawn. It is hard for a layperson to make an accurate estimate of how much water should be in the soil in order to keep the grass healthy. A moisture meter can remove the guesswork from deciding how often to water the lawn. That meter will measure the amount of water in the soil, and it will trigger the operation of the sprinkler system at the pre-set time in case the moisture content goes below the desired level.

Check the Pressure Frequently

Each sprinkler system is designed to operate optimally at a given water pressure rating. Buy a water pressure gauge and use it to conduct frequent checks on the system's pressure. Adjust the pressure settings so that the pressure stays within the range that was recommended by the manufacturer of your sprinkler system. Otherwise, excessive water pressure may damage your equipment.

Have Several Valves

All sprinkler systems eventually develop some faults, such as damaged supply lines. It is very hard to pinpoint the source of a problem if the entire sprinkler system is running on one valve. Reduce the troubleshooting challenges that you are likely to face by using several valves spread out throughout the sprinkler system. It will then become easy for you to identify where excessive pressure has built up within your system.

Pay Attention to Sprinkler Height

The sprinkler heads should be at a higher level than the height of the grass. Sprinkler heads that don't exceed the height of the grass operate inefficiently because they cannot spread the water to the desired radius. Decide how tall you want the grass to be so that you make the sprinkler heads to rise a few inches higher than that level.

As you can see, a lot of thought needs to go into the process of designing, installing and using a sprinkler system for a lawn. Avoid undertaking those tasks without the help of a professional if you have never done it before on your own